back from mexico

July 9, 2001
Back from México... "Gracias, No", don't know how many times I said that to vendors there. Overall it was very good though.

Quote of the Moment
When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in batallions.
--Hamlet, IV:5

At first I thought of that quote in terms of some of the airline hassles on the trip, but then I got back and found out my grandmother passed away (though that wasn't unexpected, but my mom thought that Grandma wouldn't have wanted us to skip a honeymoon for some old funeral), and another relative has been diagnosed with a tumor. Though the outlook isn't as bad as it could be.


Anyway, I've actually collected a lot of quotes and ideas over the trip, so it should be a good next couple of weeks on this blog.

Quote of the Moment
>Did our prayers shower blessings down?
Well let's see...Sandy prayed for a warm glow and the apt next to Janis went up in flames.
--Pat, on a mailing list Mo's mom Janis is on. The fire acros the way was when the wedding dress was there, so it was a barely averted disaster, one of a few on that day.

News of the Moment
Hard to keep on news while in Mexico, but happy to see more people realize Bush just isn't doing a good job. I hope the dems put up a good canidate so we only have four years of this clown, or at least use his antics to improve their leads in the Senate and regain seats in the House.