to boldly split infinitives

July 12, 2001
Oy, my freefloating dread (the one that got me worried about Y2K, and then the idea of giant EMF pulses, that kind of thing) is starting to latch on to the whole economy situation. Mo's pretty doubtful about her company past 3-6 months or so, Homeruns might join webvan in the deadpool, that kind of thing. My company seems relatively stable, but still isn't quite making its budget this year. Yeesh. We have a pretty good nestegg, but still it's driving me nuts. Guess that comes from a semi-surprise layoff. (My dread always gets it roots in something sort of real, but usually there's some kind of subtext that is secretly fueling it.)

Geek News of the Moment
This is the ship from an upcoming Star Trek series, one set before the days of Captain Kirk. That idea captures my interest in a way Deep Space 9 and Voyager didn't, assuming it's done well. (You can see some spoilers for the pilot episode here.)

In doing some research on the design of the ship, I found a few cool sites: Ex Astris Scientia Starship Gallery has a lot of pictures of many ships from the various shows... the cutaway bridge views were very cool. Even more intriguing was a page on Starship Concept Art, behind-the-scenes coverage of what the designers were thinking. I especially like the original sketches for the ship that started it all. (Be sure to click on the "thumbnails", many actually contain much more information than is shown on the page.) (image from a cleaned up version by wes button)

Lit Bit of the Moment
The assistant's dark hair was messy. She is wearing sloppily applied red lipstick; a short black skirt with no stockings; a rumbled black V-neck sweater (at least she is wearing a bra); clunky black shoes. She looks like (pardon the expression) someone rode her hard and put her away wet.
4 Blondes, Candace Bushnell.
I dunno, I think it's a funny expression.(Then the assistant asks for the day off to go to the doctor's for treating a UTI, and the narrator realizes someone did ride her hard and put her away wet.)