plot thickening, but no lumps

Conspiracy Theory
My buddy John pointed out how similar one of the stars of Pixar's upcoming flick Monsters, Inc. (right) is to my beloved Alien Bill (left). I had seen the same preview, but it didn't really register... maybe because of the claws, or probably the mouth. I was going to get all huffy about that, but then I remembered how similar Alien Bill's design was to Steve Jackson Games's The Awful Green Things from Outer Space (below). So I guess I have no room to talk. (Actually, I think that Awful Green Thing is glaring at me right now even.)

Tool of the Moment
Not as slick as some tools out there, offers a very cool, free, easy way to do some spellchecking. It's a good UI. ( offers a slicker interface (blogger started using it) but it's a pain to install.)

Quote of the Moment
It doesn't matter what they say about you as long as they spell the name correctly