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July 22, 2001

Quote of the Moment
"Photography isn't about the pictures. Pictures never come out right. It's about the adventure."
--Jason the Australian, as we climbed up and over fences on the roof of my mom's 17-story apartment building in NYC.

Photo Gallery 1
So I got that new Canon Digital Elph, and I'm loving it. I've actually started carrying with me everywhere, the same way I do my Pilot and cellphone, and started playing at being a photographer. These are some of my favorite post-honeymoon pictures (shrunk down from the originals which were five times times the size seen here):

Arsenal Street, Watertown MA
I tend to take photos from my car. I worked in the building on the left, with Event Zero.

Bulldozer on a Truck
In Burlington, near where I work now.

I've been doing a lot of experimentation with not using the flash. Sometimes it makes the difference between a snapshot and something that feels like it could be art. The Canon does a much better job in low light than my old Olympus.

This one I tweaked with Gamma Correction.

Bedroom window. I like what you can see on the sides.

Brooke and Mo
At Brooke's Heaven/Hell/Angel/Devil birthday party, Friday.

Terri and Paula
At Lee and MZ's shindig, Saturday.