going through the motions

July 24, 2001
Feeling pretty uninspired. Maybe it's the heat. (Heard about three people at Davis Square last night complain how hot it was... but it didn't seem that bad to me, the evening breeze kicking in. Then I realized I was in Mexico for a very very hot week.)

Online Toy of the Moment
What Historical Military Leader Are You Most Like? I'm a Robert E. Lee, which I think is the most modern seeming choice: don't be a glory hound, trust your troops to make the right decision, negotiate well. (I plotted out the binary tree of 4 A/B decisions that lead to the 16 possible outcomes. I'm geeky like that.)

Cartoon of the Moment
A Brilliant Tom Tomorrow Cartoon.
Salon rocks so much.

Quote of the Moment
Dear L. L. Bean, please rename the color choice for mens' boxers to something other than 'cream.' Many thanks.
--anonymous, from Faisal's quote file