turn the radio on

July 30, 2001
Creepy Thought of the Moment
I was watching the kind of cool Second War for Heaven flick The Prophecy (Eric Stoltz as the angel Simon, and Christopher Walken as Gabriel) and this one guy who hanged himself with the radio going (Gabriel turns him into a zombie of convenience for a bit) made me think I'd like to be buried with some kind of radio playing. With some sort of perpetual powersource, maybe a little solar panel up on the tombstone. Is that too creepy for words? I've always liked to go to sleep with a radio going, (back in my "waiting for nuclear war" days it reassured me that life was still going on) and it's probably a kind of extension of that. Some little bit of life, even though I'm dead. Maybe changing the station every day or so, since I know radio stations change their format anyway... (hate to have an eternity listening to country and western, that would just be too sad.)

Star Wasn't
Memepool recently had some neat links about Star Wars toys, including ones that never were. Gus Lopez's prototype page had some of the coolest stuff. This yoda trading card (left) was nixed (not surprisingly, the page points out... Lucas has been pretty tight lipped about Yoda's culture, and this card makes them pretty much just mystic buddhists with big ears). Also cool was Kenner's idea for a new, post-ROTJ badguy storyline (Atha Prime setting up for a new round of the Clone Wars) and this unproduced minirig that clipped on to the front of the Millennium Falcon (Minirigs were a neat concept: smaller, more affordable toys that were vehicles that didn't appear onscreen, but look like they could have.)

I've always been interested in the "expanded universe" of Star Wars, the universe beyond what you can see in the movies: the Role-Playing Game, the Comic Books, some of the novels. Today's sniffing around found me this well-illustrated guide to new fighter ships, like this lovely "X-Ceptor" to the right, representing an "after-market" merging of an X-wing and a TIE interceptor. I love the little astromech (R2D2) sticking out of the front. (Click the image for the page with a larger version of the picture.)

And of course, previously linked is the Star Wars Technical Commentaries, close to the ultimate in geekily explaining every nugget of the extended Star-Wars-iverse.