sartre said it first

August 13, 2001
Mo was feeling really unwell yesterday, mostly nausea that her body didn't seem to know what to do with. (She thinks she has been a bit off since Mexico, she's going to the doctor's this week.) I dunno, somehow it reminds me of our mortality, that while this is probably just a passing viral thing, some day there's a good chance we'll going to have to deal with something more serious.

Current Events
Have you seen Al Gore's Beard? He looks like Riker on Star Trek. (Geek Humor: Maybe people mapped Picard/Riker to Clinton/Gore, so he lost when he tried for the commanding spot...ok, that may be a geeky observation, but that previous link was from a PlanetRiker tribute page. At least I'm not that bad.)

Link of the Moment
The Baltimore CityPaper Online has a weekly Summary of the Comics Section. I love the idea of it: the writer is very analytical and sarcastic, but is reading the stuff anyway. When it comes to the comics page, I know that feeling. Except I don't get paid for it. (via Comics I Don't Understand, another interesting comics study.)

Quote of the Moment
There is a general place in your brain, I think, reserved for "melancholy of relationships past." It grows and prospers as life progresses, forcing you finally, against your better judgement, to listen to country music.
--Kary Mullis, Nobel laureate