kirk 10k

August 16, 2001
Wow, wow, wow. I am TEN THOUSAND DAYS OLD this very day. (As always, I have a tool to figure out your own 10k day.) Alas, life is too hectic now to do anything but have a small fun party tomorrow. And this update is gonna be nothing special (especially compared to yesterday's... yowza.)

Quote of the Moment
"85% of life is just showing up."
--Woody Allen. I think this especially can apply to human relationships, showing up is hugely important.

Image of the Moment

Just a big ol' turtle that was crawling across the road Tuesday, near where I work. John Sawers and I kind of stood guard as it made its slow way. It didn't seem to have any kind of undershell, but it had cool spikes on its tail.

Link of the Moment
Tackamarks exposed! Those aren't just harmles dates and labels attached to the back of traffic signs, but a secret code to direct the black helicopters and UN troops! (I especially like the photos on this page... all I can think about is the old line that "oh, that Stop sign had a white border? That means it's optional...") (via cruel site)