off we go into the wild red yonder

August 31, 2001
Advice of the Moment
Conversations not to have when pulled over for speeding by a Georgia state trooper:
    "Lookie here, darlin', nobody blows through Georgia that fast."
        "Sherman did."
--Dan N Wiebe, based on a 'true story' of his brother's "Yankee's Yankee, Feminist's Feminist" psych proffessor on rec.humor.funny.reruns

Adventure of the Moment
Got between $3000-$8000 burning a hole in your pocket, a strong taste for adventure, and maybe a bit of a deathwish? You too can pilot a Russian jet... (via Portal of Evil)

Their answer to a link labeled "Is this dangerous?":
This is a words of Russian president after Su-27 flight:
"Excellent jet"

You will make sure that is the real truth!