Quick little update today, I wanted to put up some interesting media from yesterday's trip to Six Flags but didn't quite have the time. So:

News of the Moment
Payphones are going up to fifty cents around here. The Washington Post had an interesting voyeuristic piece on what you can overhear around payphones. It's interesting how it's becoming a bit of class thing. (via Spike Report)

Funny of the Moment
In my old office we had a power cut that lasted an entire day once because some British Gas people managed to do something nasty to the electrical cables outside. Drilled into them, or something, I dunno. Anyway, our office manager sent a letter of complaint to Britsh Gas about the fact that due to their incompetence we couldn't use or PCs or anything for a whole day.

A couple of weeks later the letter arrived back with a post-it-note on it that simply read "Gas powered computers?" and nothing else. He was going to write back with another complaint, but decided it really wasn't worth it.

When I'm lying on my death bed, looking back at my life, one of my fondest memories will be of my manager storming into my room, almost shaking with rage, and showing me that letter with the little yellow post-it-note attached.