think negative

October 24, 2001
Image of the Moment
This is a photographic negative of a stunning Earth at Night image from NASA. You can really see the difference between rural and urban areas, it's very interesting. (It almost makes you forget that it's never dark everywhere on Earth at once.) I'm not sure why I like the negative version of it, but I do, for a while it was my wallpaper. Turns out you can also get a poster of the image online. (via's Image of the Day though I had seen it before.)

Newsflash of the Moment
This just forwarded by Mo, Citing anti-Israel bias, 2 firms pull funding from WBUR. Now on the one hand I acknowledge that currently I'm angrier with Israel than with the Palestinians, I think the settlement policy is a real travesty. And I acknowledge that some of this opinion might be shaped by the news I consume, which has a large NPR component. But still, you have to wonder why the sponsors are harping on this particular issue...frankly, if they are jewish, then it's hard to believe that they are being more impartial and even-handed than WBUR is, and it smacks of censorship.

Sometimes I really hate my last name. Not too long ago I was thinking about using my AOL-IM name "kirkjerk" as my domain name instead of Crap like this makes me want to revisit that decision.

And for the record, I want to say it's not judaism I dislike, or even religion, but fundamentalism. And right now it seems like Israel is going through a right wing/fundamentalist resurgence.

Joke of the Moment
There were two cows in a field. One said "moo", the other one said "I was going to say that!"