in the doom mood

October 31, 2001
Joke of the Moment
Regarding your 10/24/01 entry and the joke about the cows: What do you call a mix between an elephant and a rhino? Answer: Elleph Ino!
--Alice in my guestbook. I've used this joke and it has gotten more laughs than I expected.

Gaming Geek Link of the Moment
DOOM was an early "First Person Shooter", one of my favorite games, running around these bases, physically ducking in my seatr when monsters shot fireballs at me, slaying demons left and right, saving and reloading frequently. (I'm almost tempted to get a Game Boy Advanced to play this version of the beloved game.) Recently I found a page with lots of alpha version screenshots, and the DOOM Bible, which was the document of the original vision for the game. It got scaled back quite a bit, and it's interesting to see the differences.

Quote of the Moment
"I have never known a period in this country where terrorism was not an active consideration of how we live our lives. Israelis used to joke that in Alaska they have to deal with the snow, and in the Middle East we deal with terrorism. That is part of the weather here. In the sense of how you balance daily life with fear and caution, Israel is the world expert."
--Yossi Klein Halevi in a Salon Premium Piece. I think that's what the new reality here is going to look like, and in some ways it's not as scary as it seems.