lay off the layoffs already

November 2, 2001
Oy. Layoffs at work. Not for me or my project, and possibly I'm in ok shape. Still it's so draining and anxiety producing. Especially combined with the plans to buy a house that Mo and I are starting to act on.

In other news, albeit lame news, I've decided to start working on my backlog of links and quotes, in chronological order rather than the last in, first out method I usually use.

Video of the Moment
Golden Shower Productions (with the domain, never seen a .gs domain before) made a terrific Atari themed music video. So many cultural references, from the main character's fro to the Matrix (of course) to a plethora of old Atari 2600 games. Plus a nice little techno tune...check it out.

Mixed Metaphor of the Moment
(although I like to think of it as just Granny letting a couple pompous idiots talk themselves into a hole before she pulls it out from under them)
--"Chris McCubbin" in alt.books.pratchett via