the foundation

November 13, 2001
So the Northern Alliance took Kabul as the Taliban skedaddled. I think the Taliban
Man Gets a Shave in Kabul
are going to try to regroup and hold their ground at some point, and we all have to hope that the Northern Alliance will be willing to be part of that "broad based government" thing, but still, it's said that the people in the city are celebrating. Of course, it's never good to look grumpy about the new power in town, but still, they're playing music and shavin' beards, things they just couldn't do when those "Students" (what Taliban means in Arabic) were in control.

Speaking of translations, I beginning to think "The Foundation" would be a better translation of "Al Qaeda" than "The Base". And not just for the possible Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy connection. Also stuff like Knight Rider...they had the Knight Foundation, right? I think "The Foundation" more clearly tells us how they see themselves, and fits in well with the idea of them as kind of terrorist Venture Capitalists. (Asimov connection link via Bill the Splut)

Link of the Moment
I liked this work by Niem (currently enjoying his memepool rush...check out the other works in the archive), Ranjit pointed me to this Tom the Dancing bug.