gamecube ahoy

November 18, 2001
(Conclusion of the guestbook mystery?) must be T... since "T" is a lot more likely than "M" to know that I was hedging my bet (since she was the second Jen) and "M" is actually a "W" anyway... (also, Mad Mike's original quote was that "Diet Dr Pepper is god's perfect softdrink", not that it's Heaven on Earth...)

Oh, and yesterday I was talking about those PS2 ads...I meant to talk about the odd "The Third Place" tagline. I suppose it's some weird stuff about being the third place between imagination and reality or some such marketing crap, but it seems a poor choice considering there are three major systems competing now...

Speaking of which...I get my hands on a Game Cube today.

Also, I got up at 4:45am to go look at the Leonid Meteors. I didn't go very far from home, but despite Boston's ever present purple glow I still saw quite a few. Not quite a storm, maybe more of a sprinkle.

Funny of the Moment
"Proto star? Like that hard as nails Jupiter that you said was a fluffy gas ball??? Too funny. Jupiter is SOLID, just view the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet impacts ON THE SURFACE!!! Astronomers just don't keep up."
--John Boatwright in alt.atheism, via Theistic Hogwash

Link of the Moment
The Straight Dope answers that age old question Is it true turtles breathe through their butts?
(Deevaa, that font was selected just for you.)