isn't he dreamy?

November 25, 2001
So Mo and I are moving ever closer to getting a house. Right now Waltham seems the most likely bet. Kind of funny how my life keeps coming back to that's where my Mom and Aunt grew up, it's where my family still owns a (now being rented) house, it's where I had my first apartment, and now it might be the site of my first house. It's not the most amazing cosmic coincidence, but it's kind of interesting that there might be some sort of connection there. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have guessed that Waltham would be making such a strong claim to being my hometown. (I moved a lot when I was a kid. I guess Cleveland still has a stronger claim though, with those critical middle school/high school years.)

Funny Line of the Moment
He says he looked into my eyes and vas able to see my soul... romantic.
"Vladimir Putin" in Capitol Steps skit.
Saw them last night, I really like the stylized capitol dome logo you can see on their website. The line was of coursed based on this incident. I found another article about Putin's later response to it. He says "You know, maybe it's normal for the USA, but for the Russian ear the phrase is a bit strange." No, sorry guy, but it's really weird for us as well.

Link of the Moment
I'm drinking my coffee from a mug with Grant Wood's "American Gothic" on it. I found a interesting site about parodies of the famous image. Other sites I found comment on the way that every one sees it as a farm couple, but the woman is meant to be the man's daughter. Also, it's the arched window in the back that gives the image it's name. You can still see the house Grant Wood used...overall it's a very balanced composition.