rubik robot revenge redux

November 30, 2001
Yeesh. The latest "EHS alumni" on my guestbook expects to be identified by a "decent or more than decent sense of humor." So after due thought and consideration, I realized I must be getting this mail from... Mr. Jablonski??? Wow! How is it going? How is that leg?

Seriously, I can think of about 5 people at EHS whose sense of humor I admired and even more whose sense of humor met the criteria of "decent", so I'm not going to risk guessing when the odds are so long.

In other self-indulgent news...I always nag Brooke to update the journal on her website (the journal is the "Dramaturg's Note") and finally she did so with this entry (though you can't get to the rest of the journal from there alas.) I think it might be a reaction to me bragging about my site...I do take a pride in making these assemblies on a regular, daily basis. (As opposed to some people who need to be prodded into getting something out once a month...) Thanks Brooke. Your kudos are duly noted.

Link of the Moment
This was making the rounds this summer, but the image that accompanied the article was intermittently disappearing. It's a very impressive Lego Mindstorm's robot that can solve a Rubik's Cube. And it turns out that the creator JP Brown's Serious Lego Site has even more amazing stuff...walkers, pilots, musicians...incredible. I was always lousy at the "Technic" stuff (usually just aspiring to "really cool looking spaceships") and now I feel even worse...

PG13 Quote of the Moment
You know that old saying 'men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses?' Oh-- ha, ha...most men I know will fuck a tree.