squeezing the bla-bla

December 2, 2001
Request of the Moment
Brooklyn Girl has secured the domain PaulReubens.com to get Paul Reubens' attention. So Mr. Reubens, if you happen to be Googling your name and this page comes up, please contact her at her site. (Incidentally, the front page of her site is probably a parody of Art Frahm's peculiar artistic themes.)

Criticism of a Past Moment
Let us be blumbt. Try reading English literature...

I am sorry, Kirk, I can not find any susbstance in your writing.

Forgive me if I am to direct. If one squezes your bla-bla, the juice that one gets is quite unfulfilling. You try to give drama to it, Where is the drama? You try to create a scenario, where is it?

One may speek of many things and say nothing.

Two E-mails from Pedro Demetrion Cunha to me, from Jan 4 1996 (spaced about 20 minutes apart.)
Taken from my original Loveblender comments page, probably concerning some of the writing on this page, especially Cafe at Night.

I just like the idea of somebody squeezing my bla-bla to get juice.