star whores

December 11, 2001
Image of the Moment
--A common, drive-you-nuts typo for the Nintendo game "Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader" is "Rouge Leader"... Robert Montjoy of created this memory aid, but he says it hasn't helped much...

Web Tool of the Moment You enter one of those big honking links, and they will store it in their database, and give you a short, easily cut-and-pasteable link that when clicked will bring you to your original target...a neat idea and public service.

Dialog of the Moment
"She's about a quarter turn from being a diesel dyke."
"You haven't seen my new belt!"
It was quite the macho belt to go along with MZ's new short haircut. In a similar story, Mo got hit on by a woman Newbury Comics. She was very happy to still have her old "dyke street cred"...