stone age

Quote of the Moment
The United States of America has just succeeded in bombing a country back out of the Stone Age.
Maybe a little overly optimistic, but an interesting point.

Link of the Moment
In California at least, the right to wear pants shall not be infringed. Ok, not quite as wacky as it may first appear. (thanks, he's been a veritable fount of interesting stuff lately.)

Geekness of the Moment
Yes, I am a geek. A bit of a video game geek. That's why the other night I typed in all of Electronic Gaming Monthly's "Best 100 Games of All Time" (for their 150th issue) into my homebrew database. I've always been interested in lists like that. But the scary thing is, it's not the first time I've done this...I did the same thing with their "100 Best" list they made for issue 100. So I was able to compare the two lists, you can see the results here. (You can also see the older list that a bit more analysis on it.) I think it's interesting to see what games slipped, as well as what older games have seemed to improve with time.