taunting people who could kill me

January 14, 2002
Morbid Thought of the Moment
You know, despite disagreeing with him I on many issues I don't really wish him any harm, but I kind of can't wait for Charlton Heston to die, just so we can say "Woo hoo! Time to do us some pryin'!"

Images of the Moment
Wow. This guy really has some biceps. He has his own website, BICEPMANIA. You look at him, and all you can think of is Schwarzenegger going "It's not a tu-mah...oh, wait, maybe it is."
(via Portal of Evil)

News of the Moment
Ok, not so much someone who would kill me directly so much as order my mysterious "accidental" death, The President choked on a pretzel and fainted while watching a football game on TV. Quote from his doctor: "He fainted due to a temporary decrease in heart rate brought on by swallowing a pretzel." It might be related to him being the most fit president we've had in a long while, with a resting pulse rate between 35-45 bpm.