the future was then

January 27, 2002
So we moved yesterday. Hopefully everything went well...we will not have had Internet restored by the time this shows up on the website, so I'm writing this in advance. (I have a weird devotion to strict daily updates...unfortunately, it makes the verb tense a bit tricky. And my recent patch of the auto-publish system I made for my honeymoon worked out.)

Consumer Electronic Product of the Moment
Does this device mark the end of civilization? Or just the beginning?

Quote of the Moment
I learned courage from Buddha, Jesus, Lincoln, Einstein and Cary Grant.
Peggy Lee

Link of the Moment
Kind of cool little promotional teaser for a new Tron movie... I can't believe I bought the DVD of the original right before a new all-bells-and-whistles, behind-the-scenes, director's commentary 20th-Anniversary DVD was released for $30.