furious george

Link of the Moment
This morning Kate and John were looking at some Very Evil Books for Children (PG13++, not for the easily offended.) The text commentary around the images is pretty pointless though.

Guestbook Entry of the Moment
Oh yeah, you went with Veronika that's right... your a player as I remember correctly? Player AKA Cheater... you know the drill.
This must've been brought on by "Garter Dance" entry two days ago. Me, a player? Uhh, right. I may have hurt someone when Veronika and I started going out. I kind of suddenly broke off another relationship. But I don't have a lot of regret about that; the other relationship had been stagnant for many months by the time Veronika and I were on that fateful jazz band trip to Boston, and what I had with Veronika stands out as my first and last great AND innocent love. I'm sorry that I may have hurt someone to get that though.