things that make you go heh

February 7, 2002
Today...I try to be funny. Or rather, I try to co-opt other people's funny for my own sinister purposes. Also, I made a minor improvement to the archive links, figuring viewing the past two weeks was a better option than only being able go to the by-month archive.

Drolly Funny Trivia of the Moment
Before the falling-Pinto scene could be filmed, the filmmakers had to get certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for the Pinto. This was done by conducting preliminary drop tests to ensure that it would not behave as an airfoil and drift from its target line when dropped from a great height.
That's a pretty cool mental image, actually.

Line of the Moment
Peter Marshall: What are "dual-purpose cattle" good for that other cattle aren't?
Paul Lynde: They give milk... and cookies, but I don't recommend the cookies.

Link of the Moment
Now this is funny: Brunching Shuttlecocks Rates The Powertools.