swing, swing, swing

So I think I may be out of work soon. Which means I have to be careful about what I do. Not so much for the finances (though that too) but so I don't make any bogus associations between things I like to do now and getting laid off. My friend Beau got an appendicitis attack right after eating Nachos, and his body made an association that didn't let him eat nachos for years. Linda Barry's Wisdom For When You Are Sick includes not asking for your favorite foods for a similar reason. I have some freezer pops at home that I'm nervous about, and I think it's because at my dotbomb we had a freezer that I kept well stocked with them...

Quote of the Moment
"I want you in the worst way...
...which is standing up in a hammock."
Louis Ramey

Links of the Moment
I was requested by some guy to link to his site Toast In A Can. I would've ignored the request, since I'm not a big link exchanger, but I wanted to contrast this Hillary Clinton bashing picture that I found on the site, which plays on her reputation as an unlikable witch, with this New York Times article that says even the Republican senators find her quite likable in person. Yay Liberals.