what to do, what to do

Poem of the Moment
We have two options:
(a) hide under the bed (b) run and scream in fear
the a turned into an angel, and the b into a mug of beer
Ranjit was testing out Trillian's auto (phrase) to icon translation
I wrangled the lines just a bit to rhyme, but I really like the playfulness inherent in these lines. And then we found poetry...

Link of the Moment
Take a look at this guy's cover letter page. As Portal of Evil put it, "He may have all kinds of computer experience, but he lacks a certain something when it comes to putting together a resume that does not make your head explode." I think he must've formed his sense of visual design from NASCAR.

Oh yeah, speaking of all things résumé-ish...I'll be out of work in 2 months... time to take this weak job market head on.