tick tock tick

Online Toy of the Moment
This is one of the coolest online clocks I've seen, though it's a bit too busy too use regularly. (humanclock is pretty cool as well.) (via Bill the Splut)

Cartoon of the Moment
Sitting in the backlog since August...I've been a fan of Too Much Coffee Man for a long time. The site doesn't have my single favorite cartoon, which goes into the ritual and worship of the coffee pot, but the archive is pretty generous. He's at turns heroic and and playful. (But tying into the time piece theme is this cartoon, which has the strip's more typical sense of existential wackiness.) I've e-mailed back and forth with the artist Shannon Wheeler, back when the site was in a rougher state to talk about some broken links, nice guy. Go out and buy one of his books.