six months after

March 11, 2002

Six month anniversary of WTC. This morning I heard that "The Sphere", featured in my 1999.09.11 photo, was already recovered, and is going to be the centerpiece of a new memorial. Admittedly, I loved the fountain that was under it more than the sculpture itself, but it's great to know that the core is back. The artist is said to have mixed feelings about the new memorial.

Oddness of the Moment
There's a "typo-squatter" domin, (as opposed to the deservedly famous google.) I know of three people who made this typo on Saturday (Leslee, my mother-in-law Janis, and my Aunt Susan) and then had to figure out when their favorite search engine got so garish, and why it wasn't returning any useful results. None of us had heard of this site before. Ranjit came up with term paraSites for this type of shenanigans-puller, which is a great phrase that works in at least two different ways...

Quote of the Moment
"Well, one day I was at the Institute of Advanced Study, and I went to Gödel's office, and there was Gödel. It was winter and Gödel had an electric heater and had his legs wrapped in a blanket. I said, 'Professor Gödel, what connection do you see between your incompleteness theorem and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle?' And Gödel got angry and threw me out of his office."
Physicist John Wheeler
I guess the quote isn't that amusing outside of its context in this article on Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which points out how often that principle is abused by the would-be literati.