hello robotron

How To Get Things Done...
...and stop procrastinating.
1. Think of something you want to get done. Call this task A.
2. Find another pressing task, preferably one with a deadline. Call this task B.
3. As the deadline for B looms, you may be just be able to jumpstart whatever the heck A is.
Note: or maybe you'll just end up cruising the same 3 or 4 websites, hoping something will magically appear there since the last time you checked 5 minutes ago, leaving both task A and task B sadly neglected.

Link of the Moment
Jam:Tokyo-London, a sample site of those city's arts-agentsia, has one of the most compelling interfaces I've seen, basically Robotron meets Hello Kitty. Not the most usable interface ever, but not that bad, and oh so cute! Click on one of the squares at top to have certain artist types do something (be it dance, or fly, or fart, or get naked) and then click on a critter. From there, click on the little bouncing numbers to see some samples of that person's work.