soul stuff

April 25, 2002
Image of the Moment
Through my dirty windshield, it's the worst license plate in Massachusetts! least for people who get the news from the radio so they can't spell "Geoghan". And to be fair, it is out of state, from California.

Inspirational Thought of the Moment
What are you waiting for?
I printed this out on our little label maker and attached to my monitor...
I think it's helping me not procrastinate, make me think if putting things off will help or hurt the situation. It's amazing how official one of those little label makers makes things look.

Funny of the Moment
Thanks to Bill the Splut for pointing out the triumphant (or at least dang funny) Return of Seanbaby. The dancing in this instructional video isn't just "dirty"'s downright squalid and might even leave a mark on your very soul!