phillyclassic philler day 1

April 27, 2002
I'm outta town for a few days at PhillyClassic but rolls on thanks to my programming wizardy. (Anyone wanna have such genius emplyed at their company? Let me know!)

Anyway, some philler for philly; (Interesting to compare this work to Dialogue of Soul & Stone, day 3 of my Honeymoon Filler (which is what led me to make this system in the first place...)

Don't knock a stone: don't say things like "stone dead."
A stone always knows what it's about.
It holds itself together better than you do,
better than I do. A stone is comfortable
with its battery of cunning smithereens
milling around, bouncing off one another
exactly right in their tight little compound.

Any old stone--you think it can't talk?
Dumb old stone? Ho! Every atom in it talks,
every part of every atom talks. Just listen.

Trust your eyes and ears to recognize your
grandmother. A stone doesn't need eyes and
ears to know what's coming down the pike.

A stone knows what it wants, and gets it,
pressing up tight against the fluffy surrounds,
all that space made of the same stuff as the stone stuff.
Don't knock a stone: it'll show you up,
put you down, cover you up, forget you.