lifestyles of the rich and LANless

May 2, 2002
Ok, a request from my guestbook from Justin Anderson ("wealthy and loving it") who wants to know how to hook up 4 computers to share the same phone based 'Net connection. First off, look into something better than dialup access! Especially if you're talking about multiple people online at once in a LAN-kinda-way. If you do that (with, like say a Cable Modem or some other ethernet based connection) you can get yourself a Linksys Router w/ Switch...or better yet, get the wireless version like Mo and I have. (Anyone want to buy our old non-wireless 4 port version?) Neither version is too expensive. If you're stuck with dialup, I dunno. We use to run software called WinProxy, then WinRoute (which needed less configuration per PC) with 2 network cards in one PC. You might still need a router or something.

Better yet, you're rich, dude! Go down to your local CompUSA or whatever and see if you can't throw some money at someone to do it for you! (I think they have services like that.) Or better yet, get a smart high school or college student to do it.

Funny of the Moment
"If I were a maitre d', I'd suddenly scream at my customer, 'You want the booth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE BOOTH!' That is some funny-ass maitre d' humor, I don't mind telling you!"
--Jim Rosenberg, via Kim on

Link of the Moment
2001 and 2010 were on the other day... found this in-depth "Underview" website. Lots of "behind the scenes" material, and some interesting thoughts under the Hal! link...poor thing was just misunderstood.