crossing over, and under

May 6, 2002
Links of the Moment
Ever feel a bit skeptical about John Edward and his whole "Crossing Over" schtick? You should be--that's a very readable piece about what he's doing with his "live studio audience". Basically, the same tricks fake-psychics have always used with a lot of slick editing. this article gives it even more historical background, but isn't as tight of a read. (via memepool)

Usenet Funny of the Moment
> Why do french brasseries always write their menu
> in the same typeface? And who first suggested that
> this face was 'authentic'? Is it against the law to
> use Times or Helvetica on a blackboard? Would the
> farmers go on strike and blockade the Channel ports
> if a brasserie owner was caught writing up the
> plat du jour in something else?

The scrourge of the pc: everybody is a font critic nowadays