got a job!

May 10, 2002
Hey, I got a job! TaxWare. Not the best commute, and not the most splashy subject matter, but a very solid company, using interesting technology. (And 4 weeks vacation/personal they even met my previous salary.)

Wow, Mo and I did really well, considering the conventional wisdom about the state of the job market.

News of the Moment
Did you hear that the pipe bomber was trying to bomb in the pattern of a big smiley face? Weird. Methinks someone has been watching Fight Club a few too many times.

Quote of the Moment
"The more I keep dealing with computers, the more it resembles a bad redneck romance: constantly flipping between 'I love you so much!' and 'Baby, why you gotta make me hit you?'"
--Armaphine on k5, via Patrick M Geahan on a.f.c-a