welcome to flatland

May 12, 2002
Got myself a great big 18" flat panel monitor...man, it's like having a billboard to work with. (I think flat panels are measured on the actual viewing surface, unlike regular monitors that kind of futz with the front part of the unit.) Thanks to Peterman for guiding me to a larger lesser known brand rather than the one I was going for.

News of the Moment
Wow. It's pretty weird to think that Sugar Pills are better than Antidepressents. Part of me wants to wonder if it at all matters what the placebo is made of.

Quote of the Moment
I called up Wes, and we took a look under the hood. It's not like Wes is any good at fixing cars, but he's good at other important things, like starting her up, giving her gas, and getting me another beer. Plus, he cusses like a sailor when the occasion requires it, so he's good to have around for that, since my car usually needs more swears than I got stored up in me.
A surpisingly Twain-ian quote actually.