the situation is fluid

Link of the Moment
Ranjit was one of the central collaborators on FLUID, a really interesting interactive toy/game/morality fable. You can see a picture of their hardware setup at NEWSgrist. Ideally, FLUID is interacted with using a touch sensitive screen, but it's still cool and kinetic with a mouse (and full size mode looks pretty amazing on that new monitor that I won't shut up about).

Quote of the Moment
A good way to judge the distance to a star would be to keep watching it until you see it explode, and then count the seconds till you hear the bang.
Edwin Evans via Kim on

News of the Moment
So, the Segway had it's first reported accident..."The officer, whose name was not released, injured his knee going up a driveway onto the sidewalk". I dunno, it's seem weird to read that, because there's been so much play about how stable these things's kind of like the Titanic..."God himself couldn't trip that scooter!"