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May 27, 2002
News of the Moment
Slate had two interesting WTC-related stories...one is that the idea that Zacarias Moussaoui asked for flying lessons, but without the takeoffs and landings is an urban legend. The other is that last weekend's spate of Terrorist Threat reminders may have been a response to 9/11 recriminations, i.e. a Bush and company smokescreen. Not that there isn't an ongoing level of threat, but it's a little reassuring as we finish up the holiday weekend.

Last night NPR had some interesting audio footage (is that the term?) from the broadcasting career of Robert Trout, who was one of the first big well known radio news broadcasters. He covered things ranging from FDR's 4 inaaugarations to the moon landing. They had a large number of clips from World War 2. I think, even in this anxious day and age, we don't realize how scary that war was, even for the folks at home, that the outcome was not always clear.

Gamebutton of the Moment

Click (and click and click) to run for the best possible time!
Tip: once you click with the mouse to start the game, the spacebar is much more reliable than the mouse for registering button hits
Pirated Episode 3 Dialog of the Moment
"I dub thee... Darth--"
"Darth Wizard!"
"Uh, no, I dub thee Da--"
"Darth Laser Sword!"
"NO! I dub thee Darth... Vader!"
"But I kinda like Darth Wiz--"
"...Yes, my master."
--Kentaro P Maeda, in this thread (in response to an idea that Anakin should have rolled his eyes and sarcastically said "Yippee" at some point in 2 or 3, in couterpoint to his exclamation in The Phantom Menace.)