prime numbers and african artifact

June 2, 2002
For as long as I can remember, when you do a Google search on "kirk israel", this page comes up. It's the most random thing, I have no idea why Google thinks so highly of it. Even weirder, it just has a link to my entry in that thread, it's not the entry itself. So odd.

Funny of the Moment
Neither of my parents understand how an answering machine works. When my mother leaves me a message she's actually trapped inside the machine. It is just like a desperate cry. "Carol? Carol? Carol? Are you there? Carol? I'm in the machine." And my father's even worse. He leaves me these messages, "Uh, tell her that her father called."
Caroline Rhea

Link of the Moment
Back in the day, before the Internet ran smack dab into American popculture, there was the BBS. I missed out on that whole scene. I remember seeing some graffiti for "The Eleventh Hour BBS" (later the Durex Blender Corp) in my dorm's public restroom freshman year, complete with phone number and modem settings...that guy (Brian Moynihan, e-mail me if you read this) ended up being my roommate the next year.