hungry old people

Link of the Moment
Yeesh...Bill pointed to this article about 'starvation' diets, and how they are associated with surprising longevity in a lot of mammals. It makes me thing about my own diet, and while I don't think I'll be headed to anything near that, some how it's an inspiration towards dieting in general. And it makes me think how I'm kind of out of touch with what hunger really seems like for me, time to eat is determined by traditional schedule, and wanting to put some that tastes good in my mouth...

Funny of the Moment
[on "ever wonder if there are others of Yoda's race, and if they all talk the same way?"]
Imagine the yoda-men in the office, around the water cooler.
Yoda 1: Hello, Bill.
Yoda 2: Morning, Hank.
Yoda 1: Finish that proposal, you did?
Yoda 2: Yes, finally. Quite a chore, it was.
Yoda 1: That Henderson, he is a slave driver, eh?
Yoda 2: Yes. To kick his ass I'd like. "There is no try, only do." Asshole he is.