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June 10, 2002
Idea of the Moment
The term "surfing the Net" is an insult to surfers--and nets. I was on this web site called "I Just Got Out of the Shower." It's people from around the world talking about how they're still a little wet. And when you dry, you get off it. Isn't it great how the Internet is going to bring us all together?
Bob Odenkirk.
I have a search of grateful that he didn't give the site name as "IJustGotOutOfTheShower.com". Of course, these days, there's absolutely no way you could publicize such a site without looking like a porn fetish site.

Link of the Moment
craigslist is one of the oldest community sites out there. There are even subsites for various cities, including Boston. (You can get a chuckle from best of craigslist)

Even thought part of the wonder of the Internet (Usenet and the web) is that it brings people together based on common interest and not accident of geography, it would be cool if there were better regional representation online. Someplace where I could go and talk about the Waltham high school hockey team, who won the state championship this Spring (I've seen banners around.)