backlog follies

June 14, 2002
Rant from Last August
Wow. You know what I really hate? That stupid jokey kowtowing bowing gesture people make.
This has been in the backlog file since August. Do you know the gesture I mean? Both hands up in the air, elbows bent, then bow/put the hands down as if you were doing worship or something? Man, that's just embarassing to watch. (Followup: Ranjit thinks it ultimately might be the "we're not worthy" schtick from Wayne's World. (The IMDB Quote Page for that movie is pretty funny.))

Backlog Link of the Moment
From the same day (I knew I wanted to make this animation to link with, but also knew that it was going to be a big pain to rip out) it's Stress by Jim's Big Ego. A great song, and the Flash "music video" I've ever seen. (Inspired me to shoot this rather less cool small gif cinema entry.)

Quote of the Moment
Doubt is the fate of all thinking men