happy watergate!

June 17, 2002
Thirty years ago today the Watergate scandal was set it motion. From then on it wasn't just the hippies that distrusted the government, and we had that convenient "-gate" suffix for all our scandal needs. (And despite the buildup, John Dean still isn't sure who deep throat was.)

Quote of the Moment
It would be simplifying things, but not by much, to conclude that it was paperwork that brought the South Tower down.
The article is an unblinking view of the positive and negative aspects of the cleanup effort. He explains that not only did the towers withstand the impact of the airplanes, but they might have survived the jet fuel fires were it not for the supply of flammable paper in the offices.

What an odd reinforcement for the old goal of the "paperless office"! Also, I find a little hope in how not only did the towers not instantly topple as the terrorists had likely expected, but the plan was almost not much more successful than the 1993 bombing.

Small Gif Cinema of the Moment


--tying into the landmarks idea, the famous Boston sign