goodness gracious great flies of fire

July 3, 2002
Hey, there are some fireflies about! I thought we were too far north to see many here...maybe it's just being in an ever so slightly more suburban environment. (The movies I tried to take with my digital camera didn't come out so well, just a field of black with a nature-y soundtrack.)

There's something divine about fireflies.

Links of the Moment
Ranjit pointed out, the place for all your all your superweapon needs. A few days later, Bill the Splut pointed out that President Junior has his eyes on taking out that supervillain Saddam, his daddy's nemesis. Pretty convincing argument that there's going to be a war sometime in the next 18 months. Ugh! Now, I have to admit that I thought that the last few conflicts we've been involved with were going to turn out worse than they did. (Give or take a bombing of a wedding party or two.) But man, our good fortune (and I acknowledge that it's not just fortune, but the result of a lot of hard work by brave people and money invested) is not going to last forever. And it's weird, but right now I "economic impact" weighs so heavily on my mind. Which is kind of stupid and shallow, but my neuroses have to fixate somewhere I guess.

Quote of the Moment
"We don't understand life any better at forty than at twenty, but we know it and admit it."
--Jules Renard