from russia with love

July 13, 2002
Man, who's not shellshocked with he recent stockmarket moves? Ugh.

Joke of the Moment
"Ivan, do you know Einstein is coming to Odessa."
"Who is he? Is he a famous pharmacist?"
"No, he is a famous physicist. He is the author of the 'Theory of the Relativity'."
"What's that?"
"Well, how can I explain this...? You see, you have two hairs on your head. Is that a lot or a little?"
"A little."
"And now let's imagine you found the same number of hairs in your soup... "
"Can it be true? He is coming to Odessa with this stupid joke?"
from a page of jokes from Russia. Some of them don't make the cultural divide too well, but this one was a (possibly accidental) funny take on some other "explaining relativity" setups I've heard.

Contest of the Moment
Ranjit's moonmilk site is having a haiku contest. Submit the best haiku (there are some strict number-of-characters restrictions as well) and moonmilk will sponser it being monogrammed on a brick at Garner State Park in Texas, heavily damaged by recent flooding.