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More guestbook talk... Bozo13, you can still be "shellshocked" by recent events even if you're not completely surprised by them. People thought there were some fundamental shifts in the business cycle with rise of the 'Net-- and there have been some important changes, just not as fundamental as some people had assumed.

Don't know what that "old chap" stuff is in the entry before that.

Links of the Moment
Picking up from yesterday's asian oddity theme...we had a friend read my mushy just-so story Yee and Lan at our wedding and we're slated to read it at our friends' ceremony. I was looking around on Google and found it posted 12 places, often unattributed, including a translation into Chinese! You can put the URL http://www.es123.com/sl1/sl01/47.htm into the translation form at babelfish (having it translate "Chinese to English") and see how Wang Shen Xuan did. It seems a pretty straight forward translation (at least as far as I can tell through al the babelfish engrish), though it specifies "Milky Way" when I wanted to imply it could be a more distant Galaxy...anyway, I like the retranslation of the final paragraph:
Why is this on our this star, when two people mutual love, they so intensely like loving opposite party, frequently can give the opposite party ring, this is for commemorate Yee and the Lan planet love.

Spam of the Moment
Got some SPAM from from "Online Psychic" with the subject "Your Questions..." With a header like that, I was kind of disappointed that it didn't take the next step and tell me what the questions actually were.