i spy you spy we all spy for the fbi

July 19, 2002
Ok, go read Brooke's latest journal entry (the July 18 2002 one if she's added a new one) and maybe even write her and tell her how good it is...after all, she wrote when she was reigning as special birthday princess, tiara and all.

Politics of the Moment
New, on BushTV: Who wants to be a government spy? He's looking for at least 1 in 24! The scary part (or one of the scary parts) is that I'm not convinced this is a terrible idea.

On the other hand, Blood for Oil doesn't seem so bright.

Links of the Moment
I don't know about you, but I just can't enough of Cranky Music Snobs! Seriously, this list of "One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately" is infuriating in parts but a great read. It reminds me that I don't listen to albums nearly as much as I used to. (Update...this Brunching Shuttlecocks piece complements that article perfectly.)

Quote of the Moment
"The gods too are fond of a joke"
--Aristotle. At first I misread this as "the gods are too fond of a joke", which I think might be true too.