hungry like the wolf

July 21, 2002
Game of the Moment
One of the most amazing entries to the 5k Contest is Wolfenstein 5k, a very decent FPS (First Person Shooter) with a complete little 3D engine that fits on a 5k webpage. The trick it uses is quite ingenious, an old text-based graphics format that he can generate on the fly using javascript. (Its inspiration, Wolfenstein 3D, was a groundbreaking game for PCs in the early 90s.)

Link of the Moment
The Art of Computer Game Design is an interesting document by Chris Crawford, a game designer...I think it (or at least exerpts from it) were in Antic magazine, and Chapter 6 (about balancing one player games, and indirection in the tank game Battlezone) left a big impression on me, I've been paraphrasing from it ever since. Most of the game it refers to are pretty old, it would be interesting to see a supplement to this that had a view of modern games.