only the usa could invent coca-cola, or want to

July 23, 2002
Quote of the Moment
Coca-Cola GmbH still functioning. Send auditors.
Telegram to Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta from German affiliate at the end of WW2, from a Slate piece about the history of Fanta.
Jeez, Coke is robust. A line in a 1985 Bruce Sterling short story I read mentioned that for his future vision of a post-industrial Bernei "the Net is just a megaphone for Coca-Cola".

Link of the Moment
Wired article What Buddhists Know About Science. I've always been really impressed with the respect the Dali Lama gives to science, that if science proved reincarnation wrong, Buddhists would have to rethink their view...a far cry from the Christian Fundamentalist viewpoint about evolution! And it does make me wonder if Western science is to quick to reject what it doesn't have simple explanations for...the trouble is with subjective stuff like the brain, it's tough to make good statistical measures, or gather objective data at all.

And the idea that happiness is something that you work at...maybe I should go back and try to get through that "Art of Happiness" book.