the so-so gatsby

August 8, 2002
So yesterday I felt compelled to buy "The Great Gatsby" after following a link to this theory on the title character's origins. The book was about the only assigned reading in high school English that I didn't get through. Even now, there's something about the prose style that I find very hard to digest...I'm amazed the book was as popular and influential as it was. Not helping is knowledge of this other theory that Gatsby is black, passing as white. Especially given all the African-American literature I read in college (best way to get credit for both the English half of my double major as well as "World Culture"), it's going to be hard to read the book without constantly hunting for evidence for this admittedly fringe theory.

Pop Culture of the Moment
"Flying Missles Atomic Bombs and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ"...Best title of any album. Ever.
--from this collection of odd Christian LPs. The entire site has many interesting artifacts, and is working on adding downloadable MP3s for many of them.

Quote of the Moment
"...not appreciating the weirdness of life is a punishment of its own."
--Rachel Ellen Sherman...fits in pretty well with the previous link (via Zach Blocker)