mental maps

August 10, 2002
So the other day I was watching a baseball game (well, it was on in the background...) and a hit ball popped up way behind the catcher and umpire. The announcer described it as "popping up near here". It took me a second to realize why that seemed so weird to me...mentally, I'm mapping the announcer with the camera, I don't really picture them as sitting in a booth in an actual location around the field. So if a ball flies away from the camera it's hard to think of it flying towards the announcers...

Similarly, I had to figure out what was so distracting about a change making machine that had the dollar inserted below, and the change come out above (beyond a possible design flaw of having less room for gravity-fed change)--it made me realize that I have this sub-conscious image of a dollar somehow physically turning into the change, which then comes cascading now.

History Lesson of the Moment
Bush I was a star baseball player at Andover.
Bush II didn't even make the varsity team.

Bush I got straight A's at Yale.
Bush II got D's and C's.

Bush I was a heroic WWII fighter pilot.
Bush II patrolled the coast of Texas during Vietnam and quit flying when the National Guard began drug testing.

Bush I went to Texas and built a successful oil business.
Bush II's oil business failed almost immediately.

Bush I fought a short war with Iraq that achieved its objectives with relatively few U.S. causalities.
Bush II....? via Bill the Splut. Jeez, sounds like an episode of Goofus and Gallant. Bill also posted a kind of interesting story of a real life mad scientist